2017 Reflections and Goals for 2018

Can you believe the year’s already coming to a close?

This year has been, to put it simply, the best mess I can ask for. It was chaotic, stressful, and unplanned, which is exactly what makes travel so fun.

In 2017, I’ve gone to 17 countries, 30 cities, my dream city, I took my brother somewhere I never thought I’d visit as an American, and I headed to completely new regions of the world! Sometimes I take it for granted, but I constantly take my time to appreciate every trip, and of course, I pinch myself to try and awaken from this dreamlike reality.

Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s especially insane because I’m not even 20 yet, and I’ve done things that I never thought I’d do in my life. I genuinely didn’t expect to visit the Middle East until much later in life; I never thought I’d be able to visit Cuba in my lifetime; I’m even going to Barcelona for the third time in 18 months in January, something I never thought I could say.

I’m immensely grateful for what this year has brought me. I’ve been challenged, mentally stimulated, and and I questioned everything I know. While this sounds like your average University Student Existential Crisis (because it is), this introspection has allowed me to learn so many things about my interests, my views, and most importantly, limits I never knew I could push.

Edinburgh, Scotland


On my first day of Kindergarten, my teacher asked us what we all wanted to be when we grew up. I remember saying I wanted to be a “world traveller.” Seriously, my parents will verify. Although I’m not making money off of that through this website (yet!), I already feel like I’m living my dream; no matter how many countries I visit, however many wonders of the world I see, none of this will ever feel real. I just can’t believe I’ve actually put my words into action, and I’m doing what I’m able to do. 2017 was a truly incredible year, but my innate need to constantly try and outdo myself has led me to conjure up a list of goals for the next year.

I Want To Visit…

  • Southeast Asia (specifically Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, or Vietnam)
  • Africa (specifically Morocco, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, or South Africa)
  • South America (specifically Peru, Brazil, Argentina, or Colombia)
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Positano, Italy
  • Greece
  • Iceland

Website and Brand

  • Grow this blog to 2,000 views a month (currently at 555!)
  • Grow my Instagram (@aguygoesglobal) to 1000 followers (currently at….112)
    • Actually post more than once a week on my Instagram
  • Master Adobe Lightroom, and overall get much better at photography


  • Actually go to the gym (the year hasn’t even started and I Have Already Failed)
  • Try and get my entire family to come visit me in Edinburgh

Venice, Italy

Now, I want to end the year on an Off Brand Personal Note.

I want to sincerely thank you, the readers for supporting me through this journey! While this sounds so cliche (because, well, it is), it’s the messages I receive in my DM’s and the comments on here that continue to motivate me to write this. Even if this blog continues to help one person, I’ll continue to write this blog for that one person as I secretly pray for a larger audience every day. I genuinely love helping people out whether they’re seeking advice for a trip, if they want to get the cheapest flights, or whatever it is. I love helping people out with these things because I want to help everyone love travel as much as I do.

Even small comments like “love this post!” have made my day and given me the push I needed when I encountered writer’s block, or when I became discouraged. I genuinely see myself turning this website into a brand: perhaps an online travel magazine, a travel consulting agency, a TV show, or just a really big travel blog. Who knows? All my life I’ve searched for something I’m truly passionate about, something I could do for the rest of my life, and I found it in travelling and everything travel-related, and I hope it shows in my writing (and constant self-promotion).

Thank you, again, for helping create this community. Let’s hope there’s no mutiny or abandonment.




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