21 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Iceland

I can’t stress how majestic Iceland is. Iceland is raw, unfiltered nature at its best. It’s the epitome of an Earth before our time. With little man-made influence outside Reykjavik, Iceland is the place to be if you want to get away from it all.  I imagine Iceland is what simultaneously Heaven and Hell are like: the jaw-dropping landscapes are supported by the glorious rays of sunshine, which feel like God himself is laying his hand on you. However, unpredictable storms, accompanied by intense gusts of wind, make for a chaotic landscape that’s completely out of your control. In a way, I find it refreshing. It reminds me how small I am in this world, and it’s a humbling reminder that man ultimately can’t control everything. Iceland’s a place that truly can’t be put into words, so I’d rather let these 21 photos inspire you.

Unfortunately, I just had to get 4 days of gorgeous sunshine (except for one morning) so these photos aren’t dreary like 99% of Iceland photos. Instead, I decided to opt for a more vibrant, rich, colour scheme.

On the road, near Vatnajökull National Park

The top of Skógafoss

Sunrise from by bedroom window, Hella

Road-stop near Vatnajökull

Þingvallakirkja, Þingvellir National Park

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, near Vík

Skógafoss side-view

Road-stop, outside Reykjavík

Skógafoss (can you tell this was my favourite waterfall)

The Sun Voyager, Reykjavík


Diamond Beach

Laurgavatn Geothermal Pools. I actually stepped out of the pools to go in the regular water and it was FREEZING. Definitely recommend it if Blue Lagoon is too expensive!


On the road

Terrace in front of the River Hotel, Hella

On the road

On the road



Iceland’s easily the most beautiful country on the planet. The only thing that sucks about Iceland (besides being able to afford nothing but Doritos and supermarket cinnamon rolls) is once you’ve seen Iceland, everywhere else is just gonna pale in comparison. I’d love to come back, but with more advanced photography skills and…well, money to eat proper meals. If you come to Iceland, I can’t recommend coming in March more. You’ll get the glistening winter-scapes, a hint of the flourishing spring green, and still have a chance to see the Northern Lights like we did! All you need is a car, your camera, and double whatever you think your budget will be.



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