About Me

Name: Elijah Rodriguez

Home City: Chicago, but grew up in Los Angeles, my family is now in Brooklyn, NY!

Current City: Edinburgh, Scotland

Occupation: Student, Real Estate Property Investment Intern, Delusional Full-Time Traveller

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, are both @aguygoesglobal

Stamps on my Passport: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Vatican City, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Iceland, Cuba, Qatar, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, Greece

Hello world!

My name is Elijah Rodriguez. I’m 19 years old and I currently studying International Relations at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, I’m a Puerto-Rican American who was born in Chicago, mostly raised in LA and my family is now based in both LA and Brooklyn, New York.


I always knew I was going to be a traveller. I remember being 5 years old in Kindergarten and my teacher asked us what we all wanted to be, and I said I wanted to be a world traveller. My teacher laughed, then told me that’s impossible because I can’t make money with it. I then got the last laugh because now travel blogging is a legitimate industry with so many talented photographers, writers, and entrepreneurs!

My family and I always travelled within the US, but I got my start in international travelling with a trip to Europe with my school from when I was 13. I was absolutely fascinated with how different Europe was than the US! I had felt an invigorating adrenaline and ecstasy that I had never felt in my life. Every day was so exciting, being able to go down new streets, try new foods, and see a life that’s completely foreign to my American life. From that trip on, all my wishful thinking of travelling turned into an effort to travel more so I did an exchange programme to Florence, Italy when I was 15. I then had various jobs from a restaurant host to a geotechnical analyst over the school year and subsequent summers in an effort to save money. That effort then turned into a reality as now I moved to Scotland, and I travel outside the UK at least once a month!


Eating some street food in Hanoi, Vietnam!

I had tried blogging before but put nearly zero effort in it until a specific event happened. I was talking to my extended family about traveling but they never went forward with it until one cousin went out of the US for the first time, and they said they get why I love travel so much and crazily enough, I inspired them! His life changed and he now wants to travel the world! Also in real life, whenever someone goes somewhere they know I’ve been to, I’m always the first person they go to for recommendations and how to enjoy somewhere to the fullest extent. My ever-growing knowledge and intense passion and pure love for travel is what led me to make this blog. I hope that with the internet, I can help and inspire people like my cousin on a massive scale.


St Andrews, Scotland

This blog will document adventures, travel recommendations, food, tips and tricks, the occasional personal post, anything that comes to mind! I am definitely one of the younger bloggers trying to make it so I feel like I can reach an audience, but especially the under-25 crowd. Hopefully, this blog will inspire people that travelling is not something to “save until retirement” or something to put off. If you want to travel, make the effort now, especially while you’re young!

Thank you for following me on this journey, and I can’t wait until this community and family grows. I put my heart into this blog and I hope the passion shows. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, everyone who’s even remotely interested in travel about this blog! I promise they won’t regret it.